The Probate Court is a court of statutory jurisdiction. It is primarily concerned with estates and the protection of incapacitated or mentally ill individuals. It exercises its jurisdiction and supervision of probating wills and the administration of trusts. It hears cases pertaining to guardianships and conservatorships for adults and minors. It also concerns itself with the commitment for hospitalization and/or treatment of mentally ill person, the mentally handicapped and the addicted person.

Probate Court Staff

Judge : Hon. Nancy L. Thane

Probate Register : Janie Diegel

Deputy Probate Register : Nicole Friday

Court Recorder : Patty Sauber


PHONE: 989-672-3850
FAX: 989-672-2057

These numbers handle both scheduling and records questions for the probate court. They also handle scheduling questions for the family division. For questions regarding family division records, please call the County Clerk at 989-672-3775.